Lenny Kravitz “Let Love Rule”

Interview with Adam Pollock

Grammy Award-winning rock icon Lenny Kravitz, internationally renowned as a multi-trait musician, songwriter, producer, photographer, activist, designer, actor and philanthropist, has released his new book “Let Love Rule: A Memoir ”

Lenny Kravitz said: “I am delighted to announce the release of my book Let Love Rule. Writing this dissertation was a wonderful and interesting experience, which took me through the first 25 years of my life, from birth to the release of my first book. album. This adventure trip was where I found myself with my voice. Through this experience, love became the force that paved the way and love became my message. ”

Read the interview with writer Adam Pollock and Lenny Kravitz:

Lenny Kravitz led a lovely life. Of course, in no small part thanks to his immense talent in everything to do with music and his personal mantra of love in general, but also his upbringing in the hands of his creative, inspiring and connected family. Kravitz burst onto the scene in 1989 at the age of 25 with his debut album Let Love Rule, a retro-sounding soul rock / funk opus that brought coveted musical umph to the then Backstreet Boys-dominated pop scene. Paula Abdul and Richard. Marx – grunge. guitars we still have a year or two before mass adoption. From that point on it was all uphill.

Lenny ruled the 90s and early 2000s, releasing a constant stream of hit singles and albums, working with everyone from Mick Jagger to Madonna (he co-wrote the hot Justify My Love ), Aerosmith, David Bowie, and many more. others, and have won a Grammy for Best Male Vocal for four consecutive years. During her 2001 appearance as a male model, Zulander appeared on stage in front of an audience that included Donald Trump, surrounded by models of the opposite sex; how we would like DT to only stay in this world.

Not content with playing and recording music, he’s also a producer (Vanessa Paradis, among others), photographer, activist, designer and now writer, since his memoir Let Love Rule went on sale in October. However, unlike the typical famous rocker biogue, Lenny focuses not only on crazy, crazy things (there are a lot of them), but on the periods of artist training before his debut, hence his name. Kravitz is obviously well aware that his childhood, his upbringing, and his crucial early stages as a musician helped shape everything that would come to pass in his life and career, and as such, he gives us in-depth insight. of his first 25 years on the planet. … We virtually sat down with the adorable rocker to talk about it.

AP: How are you?

L.K .: I’m fine, fine. I am in the Bahamas.

AP: Are you alone in the Bahamas or do you have people?

LK: We’re here with a very small group of people that I work with, work in the studio, it was seven and a half months of loneliness. It was wonderful.

AP: When you think about interviewing a musician these days, all the usual questions go away. “When is your next tour taking place?”

LK: Yeah. This will not happen in the near future. So right now it’s all about being creative, making new music, making art in different environments, and keeping busy.

AP: Cool. Obviously the reason is to talk about your book, which is great. Congratulations.

LK: Thanks.

AP: Unlike typical rock and roll all of this crazy stuff is going on here, your bio is about your early days. How did this idea first come to you?

L.K .: It happened on its own. That’s why I let my creativity work. He had to find himself. I had to find my voice. It took me a minute to figure out how I was going to write this, what he would be talking about when the story ended, and I knew that while I was writing. It wasn’t just another celebrity story or rock star or anything like that. It’s about finding your way, your voice, your destiny. The first chapter came to me after a while of trying to put it back together, and I just felt my voice wasn’t what I wanted. I just had this vision of the beginning of a book that talks about a dream that I saw as a child, which was a pretty dramatic dream for a child, and that was the starting point because it is where the first question was asked. me life and death. So as soon as I wrote that first chapter, it came out, and I thought, “Okay.” This is where it starts, it’s the voice, then I just followed it and I remembered all the adventures that I went through when I retraced

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