Gorgeous: this is what the daughter of ‘Mr Bean’ looks like! What a beauty!


Taking a peek at older pictures and using a blast from the past is enjoyable, but we like to get amazed by little children all grown up. A good case in point is the girl of Rowan Atkinson, the man most of us know and love just as Mr Bean. She has grown into an absolutely beautiful girl!

Stars and their kids: it’s always fun to check at celeb photos and find out how much the offspring appears like their famous parents. The 21-year-old likely takes more after her mum Sunetra Sastry. Whatever the case, she looks gorgeous!
Singing career
Lily does not aspire to be an actor like her dad, although she did have a couple of roles in her father’s films like Mr Bean’s Holiday and Johnny English Reborn. The 21-year-old mostly wants to sing, and she appears to be very good at it as well! Have a peek at some of her images and a video of the singing Lily below!


Lily isn’t heading down the career path of becoming a celebrity, like her father.
And she’s super talented as well!

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