‘Taylor’ from The Bold And The Beautiful? This is her now, we’re in shock!

The stunning actress instantly stole the spotlights with her looks and has been a favorite character on the series ever since. Taylor Hayes, Hunters screen name, had affairs with wealthy men, got raped, rose from the dead twice (!) and survived plane crashes. In actual life, Hunter’s life has never been easy on her either; her daughter Katya suffered from a rare kind of cancer and her marriage of eighteen years stranded.
The hugely popular soap was airing since 1987 and Taylor, depicted by Hunter Tylo, continues to be gracing our television screen for over fifteen years.

Apart from her personal life her looks also gained a great deal of media interest. At first this was because the sands of time did not appear to have any effect on her face; during her behaving stage her face changed minimally, likely thanks to plastic surgery. However, after a certain stage the boundless facelifts and botox treatments just become too much. After all, aging obviously is the best way to go. Nowadays, Hunter is almost unrecognizable, a mere reflection of her previous self.
She seems completely different!

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Would you still see the old Taylor in the images below?

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