21 Years in Hell : The Book by Manson X Perou

It all started with a commissioned magazine cover in 1998 and saw him become Manson’s principle photographers. The result is the book, “21 Years in Hell”, aptly titled for the number of years they’ve been collaborating. The book features over 350 photographers, many which have never been published, including conceptual portraits, informal behind-the-scenes photos and onstage captures.

What I really loved about the book is the commentary between Manson and Perou….they talk about the photographs, giving us a delicious insight into the world that is Marilyn Manson. Published by Reel Art Press, the book reads as a visual journey of the pair’s individual and collaborative histories.

As Pero writes, “a collection of fragments in no specific order; as confused as I have been for much of my time in Marilyn Manson’s company. Some visual clues that I use to remember where I’ve been and what I was doing.”

Reading their conversations really make apparent the true intimate bond that they have created. As the press release states: “Funny, honest, warm and at times raw, this personal reflection is a wonderful portrait of both Marilyn Manson and Perou’s work tells of Manson’s deep appreciation of all artistic forms of expression.”

Perou is the only photographer that Manson has ever truly trusted, which screams through the photographers in 21 Years in Hell. For me, Manson is one of our great artists who’s artistry reminds me of David Bowie, someone I worshipped since I discovered him in 1972. I have long admired Manson’s keen use of fashion and imagery to tell his story alongside his music. He’s a genius! And of course, geniuses need people they can trust to capture their true essence.

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