iPhone 13 rumors so far: Release date, specs, price and everything else we’re hearing

It’s too early to discuss another award-winning iPhone. Apple recently unveiled its latest iPhone 12. So we want to share all the information about the iPhone 13, which includes answers to some important questions, for example, is your iPhone 13 coming out on the street, what exactly does the iPhone look like? IPhone 13, what camera updates will be iPhone 13 and above.
Without further ado, let’s take a look at what Apple has to offer based on the latest iPhone 12 rumors and rumors.
Due to this COVID-19, Apple faced production shortages. For this reason, the release dates of iPhone 12/12 Guru and iPhone 12 Mini / / 12 Guru Max have been postponed to October and November respectively.
So when will the iPhone 13 come out?
But Kuo says the iPhone 13 will not experience any production delays and will stay within standard lead times. In other words, we can expect the release of the iPhone 13 at the end of September 2021.
What exactly does the iPhone 13 look like? iPhone 13S?
According to a Bloomberg report by Mark Gourmet, there will be no significant updates to the iPhone 13 range in terms of plans, as there were plenty of them on the 2020 iPhones. He says Apple engineers believe iPhone 13 is an “S”. Update: A popular nomenclature with older generation iPhone versions that have only undergone minor changes from the previous version.
Enriched notch
Mac Otakara also said the iPhone 13 may have a thinner top. Famous researcher Ice Universe also confirmed this in a tweet.
DigiTimes’ current narrative explains: “The completely new design integrates Rx, Tx and projector into exactly the same camera module … to expand the possibilities of the small elite.”
Min Chi Kuo claims to be the smallest elite among the iPhone 13’s biggest hardware changes.
Apple is rumored to be dropping the vent from all iPhones 13. Foodie says the guys at Apple helped move away from the vent in favor of wireless charging.
For people who don’t understand, Apple introduced the MagSafe wireless charger for iPhone 12 and ditched charging out of the box.
If Apple wants to remove the port, we all think Apple will need to dramatically improve the charging speed of this MagSafe wireless charger. You will also need to ship a MagSafe charger out of the box.
In a recent interview, Ming-Chi Kuo explained that 2021 versions of the iPhone 13 will include a Lightning connector, refuting his 2019 claim that Apple will provide a fully wireless iPhone without a turbo connector in 2021.
Elegant matte black
According to an EverythingApplePro movie, which entertains the leaks of popular whistleblower Max Weinbach, the 2021 version of the iPhone 13 Guru will have a sleek matte black finish. The version will have a “slightly snug textured back”. Depending on the film, this will appear as the soft matte surface of your Pixel series.
Camera updates
IPhone 13 leaks and rumors strongly imply that Apple will copy iPhone 12 Guru Max camera updates for the full range of iPhone 13. In other words, all 2021 iPhones may have the new Guru Max camera detector. 12, sensor bias stabilization and LiDAR scanner. Kuo also confirmed this claim. Professional versions will also use a larger CMOS sensor for the main camera, which will improve image resolution.
Based on EverythingApplePro, the iPhone 13 can support portrait video, where consumers will be able to change the thickness of an area in a portrait film. “Apple has been giving it for a long time, as shown in the iPhone 13.
One of the greatest features of this iPhone 13 will be the in-screen fingerprint sensor. In support of this, there were a lot of rumors about the iPhone 13.
The WSJ report says the iPhone 13 can use a built-in optical sensor, however, Ming-Chi Kuo says the next-generation iPhone could include a built-in ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. The gourmet also said that the integrated fingerprint sensor will be one of the major updates for the iPhone 2021.
The iPhone 13 leaks also indicate that there are no plans to eliminate FaceID. FaceID remains useful for camera and AR attributes, Gourmet said.
120 Hz screen
The highest refresh rate will happen on the iPhone 13, thanks to the LTPO OLED display provided by Samsung.
There were old rumors that iPhone 12 Pro versions would include 120Hz technology, but as we all know that didn’t happen. The 120Hz Guru Screen voices I know

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