Which iPhone to choose?

Some questions have haunted man since the dawn of time: where are we going, where do we come from, what is the meaning of life, are we alone in the universe, which iPhone to choose? If you’re a fan of apples in general and the apple brand in particular, it’s important to know that iPhones are great contenders for becoming refurbished smartphones. In addition to their manufacturing quality, which is no longer to be proven, the refurbished versions retain this characteristic, while being much less expensive than their new counterparts. What’s more, this is the opportunity to get your hands on models with features that are sometimes highly sought after, but lacking in the competition. Here’s our guide to buying the best iPhone for your needs.

A large or compact model?
This is one of the first selection criteria, and one of the most important for many of us. And for good reason, the size of the screen depends on our viewing comfort of videos, photos, applications … And if a large interface has the interest of being more practical for that, a smaller model will be … suspense. .. much less bulky for nomadic needs.

In this area, the iPhone SE is the most compact (can we say that it is very small?), With its screen of only 4 inches. This is the ideal version for reduced multimedia requirements.

As for the others, their size is associated with the range, with the 6, 6S, 7 and 8 models offering 4.7-inch screens. Just above is the Plus range, spanning 5.5 inches. And for those looking for the largest size possible, the iPhone XS Max or even the iPhone 11 Pro Max are built with screens measuring no less than 6.5 inches.


What to remember: depending on your style of consumption, the size of the screen can be important: for fans of photos / videos, prefer the large screens of the latest models such as the iPhone XS Max and its 6, 5 inches; if your needs are less, the iPhone SE and its 4 inches will suffice.

Choosing the right screen definition for your iPhone
And if the size of the screen matters, we must also keep an eye on its definition (screen, nm: White surface made of fabric, plastic or other material intended to receive photographic or cinematographic images by projection.

A feature that again depends on how you use your iPhone. If your future smartphone is mainly intended for telephony, instant messaging or online browsing, the interfaces of the iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8 or even SE are more than sufficient. For those looking for a model with a screen of a definition suitable for video or photography, the iPhone Plus range offers Full HD and the iPhone XS Max a definition of 1242 x 2688 pixels.


What to remember: the definition of the screen is more or less vital depending on your usage habits: if you like photos / videos, and you have money, look for the most recent models like the iPhone XS offering the best picture quality; for more classic and practical use, or if you have less money, the iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8, and SE are sufficient.

An up-to-date operating system?
One of the recurring concerns about refurbished models, including iPhones, is the potentially outdated operating system. Currently, version 13 of iOS from Apple, and intended for iPhone and iPad, is compatible from iPhone 6. There is therefore no risk of using a device with an outdated operating system at from this generation of iPhone. On the other hand, for those who want older models, like the iPhone 4 or 5, their iOS is no longer updated and is not always compatible with the most recent apps from the App Store.

Bottom Line: To take advantage of the latest Apple updates, choose a model from the included iPhone 6. By the way, you won’t have a choice, Apple is forcing its updates and doesn’t care if your phone is refurbished or new.

Which iPhone to choose according to its storage capacity?
When it comes to a smartphone, we spontaneously think of the videos, photos, music and applications on it. And all of this requires space to be stored. So which iPhone to choose in terms of capacity? In this area, Apple offers many possibilities, whether for relatively limited use such as the iPhone 6 and its 16 GB of memory, or the XS Max, offering up to 512 GB of storage, worthy of a PC. portable. For everyday needs, like Forrest Gump, there is no need to invest in so much space, and models with a capacity of 32 and 64 GB should be preferred.

This is more than enough to meet the needs of images and sounds, as well as the use of many applications.


Bottom Line: The iPhone 6 and its 16 GB of memory are more than enough to store your files / applications, but if your needs are really massive, know that the iPhone XS max offers up to … 512 GB.

The design according to Apple
If one constant should be remembered about Apple, it is the sleek and sleek design of its devices, iPhone in mind. But each model also has its own style, allowing it to stand out from its peers from generation to generation. Among the most notable are the iPhone X, XR and XS, whose screen occupies almost the entire front of these devices, revealing a very thin black band across the top. A style that denotes with the older models, displaying a more sober and common design, like the iPhone 7 or 8. Note also a wide choice of colors for most of the reconditioned versions. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Bottom Line: The latest iPhone X, XR and XR models stand out with their screen occupying the entire front of the device, while older models have a more sober and classic design. Not like you on Saturday night.

What is the best iPhone in terms of photos?
One of Apple’s favorite arguments against the competition is the quality of capturing photos or videos from its smartphones. However, as demands keep growing over time, not all iPhones are created equal in this area, especially the 6 or 6S, which were already known at the time to be below the competition. To get very good quality photos, without striving for excellence at all costs, you should focus on models from the iPhone 7 and its 12-megapixel back sensor, more than enough to meet most needs. But for those who are looking for exemplary photographic quality, the iPhone 11 and its dual back sensor offer many more possibilities with remarkable rendering, whatever the situation. It is undoubtedly the best iPhone for the photo part.

Bottom Line: To enjoy excellent photo quality, choose models from the included iPhone 7, the difference with the older ones is very obvious in this regard.

Dual SIM optional
Sometimes our communication needs require the use of two separate phone lines, especially for business needs in addition to a personal line, or if you are a double agent of the secret service, or if you are not super loyal. in love (boo, that’s not good). And instead of juggling two phones each with their own SIM card (which can be dangerous, especially if you drop them), it’s possible to opt for a dual-SIM model. However, only the iPhone XR and XS offer this option.


Bottom Line: Only the iPhone XR and XS can accommodate a dual SIM for your personal and business line. Or other, eh …

Cheap iPhones? It’s possible
When a discussion is started over iPhones, it’s not uncommon for the caller to wince in annoyance when the price of a new model is mentioned. And this is not surprising, since we are talking about a brand suggesting models located between the middle and the top of the range. However, the reconditioned models from Back Market, in addition to keeping the manufacturing qualities and performance of new devices, are offered at very attractive prices.An iPhone 8 sold new, whose price is in the € 540, can fall up to € 270 for a reconditioned model in very good condition, i.e. 50% savings. Especially since the approach is ecological. Finally, for more recent models, the reductions are more contained, with a discount of up to 30% for the iPhone X for example.


Bottom Line: With Back Market, you can save up to 30% for the most recent iPhone models, refurbished in excellent condition, and even up to 50% for the iPhone 8 in particular.

If you want to own an Apple smartphone, but your finances are limited and / or you have ecological requirements, then reconditioned iPhones from Back Market are a great alternative. With prices much less prohibitive than new models, but also a preserved manufacturing quality, it is difficult not to opt for this solution, both economical and ecological. At the same time we are on our site so we are not going to tell you the opposite, and anyway it is true, well anyway, we digress.

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